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So, you're dating a gal who shares her residence with a cat. If your relationship is going to get anywhere, I encourage you to follow each of these suggestions:

purple ballNever, ever mention that you can (or can't) smell the litter box.

purple ballIf the kitten wants to spend an hour untying your shoelace, let
clear iconhim. When he gets it untied, retie it so he can continue playing.

purple ballNever make a big show of brushing the cat fur from your slacks.

purple ballGet in the habit of putting a couple of sardines in your pocket.
clear iconSlip them to the cat when she isn't watching. (Note: you may haveclear iconto do this through the entire dating period, because the cat willclear iconlikely go for your pocket each time you visit.)

purple ballDon't push the cat off the sofa if he's inserted himself between
clear iconthe two of you. If he's still sitting between the two of you when
clear iconyou get amorous, reassure him (mental telepathy is fine) that you
clear iconhave no harmful intentions against his companion, and move him
clear icongently to your lap. Try to keep one hand stroking the cat at all
clear icontimes in this situation.

purple ballIf you're spending the night, do yourself a favor and don't evenclear iconTRY to sleep in the cat's favorite spot on the bed.

purple ballWhen you phone her, ask about her cat.

purple ballWhen she leaves the room to fix cocktails or check on dinner, ask
clear iconher if she's got a cat toy handy so you can keep the cat entertained.

purple ballIf you're taking her out to dinner, ask her if it's okay to bring
clear iconhome a "cat bag" of leftovers for the cat.

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