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Kitten Bar

purple ballWarm our laps
purple ballGive us someone to talk to
purple ballHelp reduce high blood pressure
purple ballBring the winter air inside, nestled in their coats
purple ballCreate a kindred feeling with other "cat people"
purple ballTurn common household objects like bottle caps into toys
purple ballMake us more aware of birds
purple ballDonate their services as alarm clocks
purple ballDisplay daring acrobatic feats right in front of our eyes
purple ballContribute to living a longer life
purple ballMake a window sill more beautiful
purple ballKeep mice on the run
purple ballMake us smile
purple ballInspire poets and playwrights
purple ballTeach us how to land on our feet
purple ballLet us indulge our desires to really spoil someone
purple ballMake our homes warmer
purple ballRemind us that life is mysterious
purple ballShare with us the all-is-well experience of purring
purple ballInstruct us in the luxurious art of stretching
purple ballShow us how to lick our wounds and go on
purple ballGive us cool cartoon characters
purple ballMake even an old worn couch look beautiful
purple ballOpen our hearts

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Kitten Bar

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