Scenes of Italy

Wednesday October 7, 1998  


Vatican Photo

Our First Sighting of the Vatican, Vatican City

vatican mask photo 2

Just before entering the Vatican,this guy greets you above the door.

Vatican mask photo

I think she is a friend of the guy to her left. She also was above another door leading to the Vatican.

ceiling vatican photo

These next three photographs were taken of the ceiling in the Vatican. No not the famous Sistine Chapel. The ceiling was painted by "lesser known" artists as quoted on a sign in that room.

ceiling photo 2

We walked for three miles at this point to see these paintings. Still another mile to go to the Sistine Chapel. We were not allowed to photograph the Sistine Chapel.

vatican photo

Looks like this guy is swinging on rings. And here I thought they invented those rings just to torture Junior High Students.

vatican photo

These next four photos are views of Rome from little tiny windows in the Vatican.

vatican photo


vatican photo


vatican photo

and everywhere.

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