Scenes of Italy

Sunday October 11, 1998
   Monday October 12, 1998  


david photo6


What can you say? There is nothing like the first impression of David. You are awe inspired by him. He was built in only 18 months by 27 year old Michelangelo. The crack in his arm was done during a riot when the statue was outside in the Palazzo Vecchio and someone threw a chair out the window and broke him.

David Photo

Not often a side take of this wonderful statue. I think this is the best side of all. First placed outside in the Palazzo Vecchio, then later brought inside because of the weather.

windows photo

Italy has the greatest windows. This view was also taken at the seaport over looking the water.

This building was on a corner and actually wraps around the corner.

castle photo

The Castle Nuovo was build in 1279 and rebuilt in 1443. The Castle was built because the Castle dell'Ovo was no longer suitable for Naples's role as capital.

Across the street from this Castle was the start of the poorest section of Naples.

Mt. Vesuvius Photo

Even from Naples, Mt. Vesuvius is visible. This was the volcano that destroyed Pompeii in 79 A.D. Pompeii was special in that it was left almost intact from the day 20 feet of ash covered everything. Life in Roman times was virtually preserved. In the late 1700's Pompeii was accidentally discovered and has been in the process of being uncovered as of today. There is still much to be uncovered.

dog mosaic photo

The words translate to: Beware of Dog. This mosaic was at the front door of a house in Pompeii. A very wealthy city with streets, stores and Roman baths.

Statue Photo

In the largest of the houses, in the House of Faun, this little guy greets you as you walk in. They had no windows in their houses. Instead, in the center of the house was huge open gardens. This little guy was in an open area that would collect rain water.

wall painting photo

Many of the wall paintings and frescos are well preserved. The houses had very detailed paintings that told stories rather than like today being actual pictures of family members.

forum photo

This is the Forum. Every met here. This is where all the town meetings and ideas were shared. Speeches were made from the center small brick podium. Whenever someone would run for office, they often would build a new bath house or other public area to get votes.

tiled archway photo

Tile on the doorways were strikingly beautiful as seen in this archway on the right. Pompeii people made wine and served it in bars and saloons. Bread was made in large ovens.

dead guy photo

The next three photos are of real humans. Notice in this one the teeth are still intact. These were the slaves that were tied to the property of the rich to protect their valuables.

dead guy's head photo

The people doing the excavations noticed there were indentations in the ground and would pour concrete into those spaces and they would then find the results of humans and dogs caught at the moment of death.

dead guy photo

The people had warning and time to flee. Nothing is known about the whereabouts of the people that fled. No one knows where the ended up going.

arch photo

Details to archways and buildings alike were important architect properties of the Romans. Pompeii remains the best example of Roman history and architecture of the ancient Roman era.

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