Scenes of Italy

Sunday October 11, 1998



photo of David6


Michelangelo transformed the young man at the peak of his physical powers and represents him naked, without protection or weapon except the sling that hands over his back and the stone concealed in his half-closed right hand.

Notice the extra large right hand. This is representation of David only having the power of his strength give by God to defend the Giant Goliath.

The crack in his left arm was caused by a bench hurled out a window during a riot in 1527 when the statue was outside in the Palazzo Vecchio. The arm was broken in three places.

photo of Statue of David5

Not often a side take of this wonderful statue. I think this is the best side of all.

He was built in only 18 months by 26 year old Michelangelo Buonarroti. Finished in 1504.

In 1873 moved to the Galleria Dell' Academia where he stands today. The move was due to 300 years of weather and now pollution as well as damage done to the statue by vandals.

David of Photo7

David is portrayed before he killed the Giant, in the moment of concentration that precedes the action. His face is fixed in a stare under a slightly knitted brow. The concentration of intense thought expressed on the unspecified enemy and harmonious beauty may be the main reasons for David's enduring fame throughout the centuries.

Neptune Photo

Neptune or Titus here in the Palazzo Vecchio. Outside the Pantheon and next to the copy of the statue of David. Just next to the Uffizi Museum. The most famous museum in Italy. Make reservation in the USA before you go so you do not have to wait three hours in line just to get in.

artist photo

One of the many artist in the Palazzo Vecchio. All licensed and tax payers. The artists take their work seriously.

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Photo

This balcony is across the street from our hotel in Florence. I really liked it because it reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Such a romantic country, Italy will always have my heart.

Duomo Photo

The Duomo is perhaps the oldest religious building in the city. Reconsecrated in 1059. As seen from one of many narrow streets of Florence. No cars except police cars are allowed on the streets. This does not stop the thousands of mopeds from rushing down the streets and sidewalks of Florence.

tower photo

The tower of the same Duomo. It has the best view of all of Florence.

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