Scenes of Italy

Tuesday October 13, 1998


Wednesday October 14, 1998


sunset photo

Our first view of Venice at sunset. My favorite city of the entire trip. Here is a view of the docks where the gondolas usually are docked. You can barely make out some of the bridges where the lights are in the background. Venice is made up of bridges and walkways. You don't have to take boats many places. You can walk most of Venice. It is very quiet. No motorbikes. All you can hear from your room is the water.

sunset photo

This is the same view only a few minutes later with a much prettier. Sunset. This is looking back onto the land from the a curve near the water.

Some of the best food we had in Venice was the salads we had the first night in our room. We went to a little restaurant and picked some of the food in the window. New food with new tastes.

view of Venice photo  

Our very first view of Venice. This is a water boat. This is the view looking from the train station to the water. 

battleship photo

Something you don't see too often, an Italian Battleship right outside your hotel window. On the other side of those building is the Adrian Sea. On the other side of the Sea, 50 miles away is Croatia. Here there was a big war going on very close and this was a reminder of the world happening all around us.

Venice photo

I think this was a beautiful looking lady. Not many women were honored with statues like this one. I love the balcony of this structure.This was from the Dojo's Palace. Venice was ruled for a time by a Dojo not Pope. Dojo's were like popes because they had entire rule of the city, but not ruling by religion. 

Paul Newman photo

Paul Newman is immortalized in Venice! Actually another view of a statue at a top of a stairway the visitors to the Dojo Palace saw on their way up to see the Dojo.

view of St. Marks photo

From a tower in Saint Mark's Square you can get a very large view of Venice. On the other side of those islands, which is called Lido is the Adrian Sea. Venice is larger than it seems. It looks from this view that there is no water or canals. Venice is on many small canals that you cannot see here but are there between the buildings. 

view of Venice photo

The view from our room. We had this most wonderful room overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. Here is another view of a water boat called a Vaparetto. A statue of Saint Marks on a horse sits in front of a row of gondolas.

atlas photo

The Greeks and their mythology is everywhere in Venice. Here is the God of the Greeks, Atlas holding up the earth. He stands in front of the church in St. Marks.

closer view bridge of sighs photo

From the left prisoners were sentenced to their faith by the Dojo in his Palace and then walked across the bridge to the dungeon below the canals. 

The prisoners were sentenced with little trial and anyone could put you into prison with just a word to the Dojo. Him and his counsel would be judge and jury of people. Many people became political prisoners at the whim of a few. 

bridge of sighs photo 

The Bridge of Sighs. This was the last view of the world a prisoner has was from this window over the bridge before he was to go live in the dungeon the rest of his life. From that window one looks onto the Grand Canal.

They had little food but the Italians always had wine with every meal. That tradition hold true even today. Not much food but always wine. 


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