Greg and Nancee's


October 6, 1998 to October 16, 1998


Greg and Nancee San Gimignano


Greg Photo, San Gimignano  San Gimignano 

Our tour stopped in this wonderful little city, San Gimignano. This is what the real Italy looks like. The beautiful old stone buildings with many plants. It had a wonderful calming feel to the city.

Greg Photo S. G. When we come back to Italy, we will spend much more time in cities like this one. You meet the best people and have the best food in these smaller cities.

Naples Photo, Greg-nancee

Outside Naples 

This was a lovely seaport on the way to Naples.

photo of Nancee and Castle 

Prison or Castle? Maybe both to the people who lived there?

Trevi Fountain Photo 

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Our first picture together in Italy was here. A most wonderful cool place in the center of a very hot and hectic city.


Bridge of Sighs Photo 

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice

See that little window behind us? That was the last view of Venice prisoner's saw before they were put in their cells. They often sighed at this window. This window looks out into the Grand Canal in Front of us.

Greg at the Forum 

Gregory at the Forum, Rome

Sign translation: This way to Gregory. Now how could that be when he is standing right there?


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