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Sometimes having children is a lot of work. Being a parent is rarely easy. Want to take your mind off the stress? Humor will often take you away for awhile. Here are some jokes only a parent would understand. By the way, if you would like to add any parental or child humor, please email me. We could all use a good laugh.

new humor stories about little Johnny Little Johnny Stories

Are Ready to Have Children

Parenthood Changes Everything

Questions and Thoughts On Being Pregnant

Having Kids Causes Old Age

Definitions Only Parents Understand

Children's Thoughts On Science

Children's Thoughts On Love and Marriage

Children's Thoughts On Music

Things I've Learned From My Children

Actual Excuse Notes From Parents
(Including Original Spelling)

Mom's Brownie Recipe

English Grammar The Way It Should Be

Preparation For Parenthood

Parental Observations

The Revised Non Standard Bible
(As Children See It)

Children's Answers to Cliches

Children In Deep Thought

The World According to Students

The Images of Mother

The Toddler Diet

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