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A teacher gave her fourth-grade students the beginning of a list of famous sayings and asked them to provide original endings for each one. Here are some examples of what they submitted:

grn button As you shall make your bed so shall you.....Mess it up.

grn button Better be safe than.....Punch a 5th grader.

grn button Strike while the.....Bug is close.

grn button Don't bite the hand that.....Looks dirty.

grn button A miss is as good as a.....Mister.

grn button You can't teach an old dog new.....Math.

grn button The pen is mightier than the.....Pigs.

grn button An idle mind is.....The best way to relax.

grn button Happy the bride who.....Gets all the presents.

grn button A penny saved is.....Not worth much.

grn button Two's company, three's.....The Musketeers.

grn button When the blind leadeth the blind.....Get out of the way.

grn button Where there's smoke, there's.....Pollution.

grn button Children should be seen and not.....Spanked or grounded.

grn button A rolling stone.....Plays the guitar.

grn button A bird in the hand is.....A real mess.

grn button No news is.....No newspaper.

grn button No news is.....Impossible.

grn button It's better to light one candle than to.....Waste electricity.

grn button It's always darkest just before.....I open my eyes.

grn button It's always darkest before.....Daylight savings time.

grn button It's always darkest before.....9:30 p.m.

grn button You have nothing to fear but....homework.

grn button If you can't stand the heat.....Don't start the fireplace.

grn button If you can't stand the heat.....Go swimming.

grn button Never put off 'til tomorrow what you.....Should have done yesterday.

grn button Never put off 'til tomorrow put on to go to bed.

grn button Never underestimate the power of.....Termites.

grn button If you lie down with the dogs.....You'll stink in the morning.

grn button The squeaking wheel gets.....Annoying.

grn button We have nothing to fear but.....Our principal.

grn button To err is human.....To eat a muskrat is not.

grn button I think, therefore I.....Get a headache.

grn button Better to light a candle than to.....Light an explosive.

grn button Early to bed and early to rise.....Is first in the bathroom.

grn button A journey of a thousand miles begins with a.....Blister.

grn button There is nothing new under the.....Bed.

grn button The grass is always greener.....When you leave the sprinkler on.

grn button The grass is always greener.....When you put manure on it.

grn button Don't count your chickens.....It takes too long.

grn button Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and.....You have
Clear gifto blow your nose.

grn button Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and.....Someone yells, "
Clear gif Shut up!"

grn button You can lead a horse to water but.....How?

grn button Love all, trust.....Me.

grn button None are so blind as.....Helen Keller.

grn button If at first you don't succeed.....Get new batteries.

grn button You get out of something what you.....See pictured on the box.

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