About Nancee Belshaw, MA, MFCC

At a young age, I was introduced to astrology. It really caught my attention to learn about human behavior and what affects human relationships. I am a licensed psychotherapist since 1985. I have combined the two sciences of astrology and psychotherapy to find a more in-depth viewpoint for the astrological forecasts. I have been interviewed on radio and television about the combinantion of these two topics. Teaching astrology classes enables me to share my knowledge with many people.

I have enjoyed 25 years of practicing astrology because it has helped me to discover myself. When I became an astrologer, I discovered how my psychic abilities give me a keen perception about events, situations, and human behavior. I also enjoy helping others help themselves by knowing what lies ahead in their future. Contact me so I can help you discover yourself, too.

--Nancee Belshaw

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