October, 1996


by Nancee Belshaw, MA, MFCC


Astrology is not only for predicting individual information but it is also used for predicting events on our planet. This month's column is about events happening now and for the next 13 years:

With the new change of Pluto entering into the sign of Sagittarius last November, we are already seeing some of the changes taking place on our planet. Some of these changes are breakthroughs in medicine. Scientist are moving close to finding a cure for AIDS. We are seeing changes in the judicial system due to recent cases of high exposure. The Internet is bringing international connections as close as a local phone call. We can now order food, clothes and anything you can think of anywhere in the world by just a touch of a button or mouse on the Internet.

Some of the changes we see now are not as positive. Look for new security measures in air travel due to the recent amount of airplane crashes. Also, how we travel and where we travel to will change in the next few years. As Sagittarius rules travel, we will see more aliens and travel to outer worlds.

Some of the changes we will probably be seeing are in politics and merging countries, which will not always be so positive. There may be many skirmishes over land and religion. First we will see more wars, and then a new humanitarian world will emerge. I think we will then be less prejudiced. We may eventually get to a "one god, one world" belief.

We will be having more fun in life as we let go of material things and move toward more of a connection with our fellow man. We need to speak our VOICE to all we see as unfair and unkind. Keep plugging away for things they are a-changing...

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