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Aries IconARIES need to be first! If you are looking for a pet that will become a champion, choose an Aries. They want to win at all costs. The most competitive of all the signs, to win with these pets, let them *think* they are winning. Never fearful, these warriors will fight to the finish. Never one to hold a grudge, any display of anger will soon be forgotten.

Never one to hide anything. What you see is what you get in these guys. If you are liked they will protect you from harm. Unless of course they feel they want to compete with you. Then you are in trouble. They love a good fight and it might as well be with someone they like. Don't take offense, they are just being their true self's.

Expect an exciting life with these little balls of fire. They are forever on the move. Always looking for that next adventure. If you have more than one pet, your Arian will be the leader. Be careful, for they may be the leaders of your house too! If they become bored, watch out. They will hunt up an adventure. Keep them busy, give them lots of toys and creative competitive games to play. These guys love to play tug-of-war. Teach them early in life who is boss otherwise you will be hiding from them.

Taurus Icon TAURUS pets love the finer things in life. Give them the best seat in the house in front of the television. They will sit for hours just watching the TV with you. Hide that remote, for they want to be in control of that too. In fact they want to be control of everything.

Don't take their stuff, they will get crazy. Possessive little monsters, they may not want to eat any more in their bowl, but don't take it away until they deem it no longer theirs. I think Taurean are more interested in holding on to their stuff then really needed or even wanting them. If you have visitors to your house, make sure the Taurus does not see them leave, for they will assume the new people in the house now belong to them. You will then have quite a battle on your hands just trying to get your friends out of the house.

Great little obedient pals, they will protect you as one of their own possessions. The original bull, which stands its ground when feeling threatened. If you are willing to allow them to move at a slow pace, they will do what is asked of them.

Happiest when eating the finest foods. Watch their weight, as they do not know when to stop eating. They will eat everything they can get their little paws on.

Once they park their little rears, they can't be moved until they are good and ready to move. If they find that most comfortable place on the couch, then they will possess that very spot for the rest of their days. You can be assured they will be just where you left them, if they feel comfortable. Sometimes mistaken for a piece of furniture!

Gemini Icon GEMINI our little talkers. If you like a nice peaceful environment, don't think you can have one with these little mouthpieces. These pets will report on the happenings of the neighborhood. Every person that walks by will be announced with a loud barking ruckus.

Don't feel you are out of the woods if you own a cat. Cats can be just as verbal as dogs when it comes to expressing themselves. Sometimes these guys can be troublemakers. Your cat may not be the one causing the commotion, they may be siting in the driveway looking innocent as the dogs across the street go crazy barking. A natural born instigator.

When you have finally quieted them down, don't expect a quiet home. Now they will be running around the house for the shear thrill of running. Don't worry that they will run far, these guys are sprinters and will only sprint in short bursts from room to room.

Ruled by mercury, you know that guy in the flower's ad is always running. Gemini is like that guy, very independent and wants nothing to do with cuddling. He will come to you when it is in his mind to be petted and only the prescribed time. Whatever that is. Everything he does changes as fast as he can run.

Cancer IconCANCERis the home sign of the zodiac. They love their homes and family more than anything. They are the best watch protectors. They will protect their home from invaders. Try to get them out of the house for a walk. They would just love to sit in their homes and never leave. Travelers they aren't.

If you are looking for a pet for children, you have come across the right sign. Cancer's love children and babies. In fact, they will mother any thing or anyone they can. Get them lots of toys that are soft and cuddly. If you don't have children they will cuddle pillows or your leg for that matter.

If you like an independent animal you better get an aquarius or gemini. These guys won't let you go into another room without following you. ¨Velcro Pet¨ comes to mind when I think of Cancers. Depending how big they are, you will have an animal always glued to your foot, hit or ankle.

Another eater. They love the sweets. If given to much, they will become little round balls of fat. Give them a cave to hide their toys in. They are collectors. If you must throw out one of their toys, don't let them see you. They could cry if they think you are giving away something they feel they own.

Leo IconLEO The king of the Jungle and your house. Better get some big mirrors so this King or Queen of the animals can bask in their own reflection. They love to be petted, admired and generally treated like royalty.

If you cannot give them your full attention they will need their favorite royal placement in the house. They prefer to be at the top, be couch, desk or chair. Make sure they are surrounded by lots of pillows, because only kings deserve the best.This spot should be in the sun. Ruled by the sun, these guys do best on bright sunny days.

Want to see what depression looks like? Don't turn on any lights, especially on a cold rainy winter day. They invented the word mopey. Turn on the lights and warm up the room and what a transformation you will see.

These pets are wonderful with other pets and people as long as they are the leader of the group. They will then make sure everyone is taken care of and part of the group. They cannot tolerate anyone being left out.

They want and demand only the best. So if a guest has the warmest lap in town, they will end up there and no amount of persuading will change their minds for they are a stubborn lot as well.

Virgo IconVIRGO Now you want to see clean, get a virgo. No one is as fussy or clean as they are. Anal Retentive fits them to a ¨T.¨

Our dog Mickee is a virgo rising. He will come screaming into the house if he has dirt on him. Crying until you clean him up. Not very brave either. He could be called a wimp. On the other hand wimps can be a great pet to have around other pets. They won't fight for position. They will give into anyone who wants to be the top dog.

They take very well to training. Routines give them lots of comfort. They like to do the same thing over and over again. Even going for a walk, Mickee must be on the correct side of the person walking him. He does fuss a bit if you try to take him on another route.

If you want to know what time it is, just look to your virgo. He will be on time for the morning wake up as well as the scheduled walks. His scheduled walks by the way. Very fussy if you try to change his determined schedule. Heaven forbid if you don't feed them exactly on time. You won't hear the end of it.

Crying and howling come to mind if you decide to wait a half hour or so to feed them. Then is when your dear cat pushes your papers off your desk or sits down right in front of your computer screen until you perform your scheduled work duty.

You have to watch their health. They are very quick to get ill. Many times they won't even let you know until they are very sick. They hate to impose on others. But taking their vitamins and eating good food will help with their health. Their weakest area is their intestines so watch that they don't eat too many treats to clog up their very delicate body systems. Be careful of changing their diets too. For once they are given a routine they love the same food all the time.

Libra IconLIBRA These are the beauties of the zodiac. The prettiest pet is the Libra. Not only in looks but very charming as well. They get what they want by persuading you to do something for them. They get a great deal of pleasure from getting you do something for them. They can be very lazy you see.

Being lazy comes from the inability to make up their minds. They spend so much time on deciding they get tired and want you then to do it for them. They really can see both sides of an issue so to them anything is okay. You can then do it for them, if you chose correctly they will reward you with charm, if you did it incorrectly they will fight you.

Another dog we have is Boo. She is our Libra. One time she wants a cookie another time she doesn't. You can look the fool as you try to hand her a treat one time she takes it another time she will smell it and flip her tail and walk off in disgust. You never know what mood she will be in.

Just when you think you have figured out these guys, they change their minds. Like the Gemini and Aquarius, all three air signs, they do not like to be smothered. That is of course unless they have decided that is what they want. Oh on the other hand, maybe not. So be very patient and flexible with these pretty charmers for they will demand you are.

Scorpio IconSCORPIO The Secret Agents of the Zodiac. You never know where your things are with this sign. They have so many hiding places you would be amazed. Whenever they are mad at you, you can expect your things to be taken and hidden. These are the cats that seem so innocent and yet your hair brush is gone for days and one day shows up in the toilet. Mr. Kitty is no where to be found.

Intensity is the name of this signs game. Everything is a matter of grave importance or they won't do it. They love to play cat and mouse games. Anything where they can go for the kill is fun for them. This is the cat that brings home the dead creatures.

If you try to make them do something they would prefer not you, LOOK OUT! They won't go for that. One of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, they will not be pushed into something they do not want do. If you insist, oh like dog obedience school watch out. These are the sneaky ones. They may play along that they are all up for this dog school thing and even go to a class or two, but when they have had enough, Oh Boy be careful. Now your hairbrush won't end up in the toilet, a dead mouse will be in your bed. You never really know with them. You can't tell what will anger them.

Since they are a water sign, keeping a calm house would help lessen their intensity and prevent some of the drama these little Tasmanian devils are always into.

Sagittarius IconSAGITTARIUS The travelers and teachers of the zodiac. They love to go out into the neighborhood and meet new people and animals. Watch to see they don't escape and run wild. They are one of the fire signs of the zodiac. The other two are Leo and Aries.

They do love to be ahead of the others and demand attention. They only want attention when they want it. Unlike the Leo who always has time for admiration and adoration, the Sag's are very independent. They love to spend time alone being free. Wondering the woods looking for new adventures. They hate to be tied down to family, house or yard. Give them lots and lots of freedom.

If you have an active family with lots of boys who love to exercise, pick a sag for your son. These guys love to catch balls, play tug-a-war, chase squirrels and generally love anything to do with activity. The perfect dog for learning tricks in a competition style atmosphere.

On other days, these most active animals can be the most laziest of the zodiac. They want to do only fun things. If you are wanting them to do something that they perceive as not they just will lay down and not do it. If you have ever tried to give a cat a bath, this is the image you will get when you try to make a Sag pet do something they do not want to do. The fighter in them will become very apparent in a very short time.

When they are in the mood, they find great pleasure in making others laugh. They can be very entertaining creatures. The jokester and court jester of the zodiac. They have long legs and love to run. Take them out for an hour run each day and they will love you for it.

Capricorn  IconCAPRICORN The workers of the Zodiac who never give up. I think that the story about the little engine that could was written about a capricorn. These hard working little guys are very stubborn. They want something and they don't give up. Tenacious comes to mind when one thinks of Capricorn pets. If you have a dog, you will most likely have a digger. They love to dig holes. Being an earth sign they feel they must connect with the earth. What better way then to dig a hole. Here is another pet that loves routines.

We have a capricorn dog Mickee, who insists that he must be on the right side of you when you are taking him for a walk. Try to go down another street than the one he is used to and he will stop dead in his tracts and refuse to move. Routines and trick school is something he loves. Feed him at the same time everyday to make him really happy.

These pets will let you know when something is not as it should be. That could be a stranger at the door or his bed not set up properly. She will cry, whine or just keep at you until you change things the way she thinks they should be.

Aquarius IconAQUARIUS This little pet will bring home every other pet in the neighborhood. They love everyone and everything. Once they get the new friends home, it is up to you to entertain them and keep them. They have done their job when they bring in strays. Now you fix them up.

When they are not busy with other pets, they can do very, very strange things. These are the pets of the weird and unusual. Just when you think they are going to do one thing, they change their mind and behave totally differently. Never one for routine, these little guys change their behavior for the fun of it. Where Capricorns were great in school, these guys will defy anything that looks like restrictions, school or anything that might impede their freedom. Don't keep them restricted too long or they might find the need to leave you and find freedom in the world.

Don't cuddle and pet them too much for they really don't like too much closeness. They need their freedom to be the unusual pet they are. Not one for being bored, they will stir up trouble just to see what will happen.

Don't ever feed them the same thing twice. They will let you know when you have crossed that line and will become very disapproving when you do something that you have done before. Unusual and different are their key words. Being another Air sign they are talkers and very verbal. Look for them to be barkers and pets that express their needs all the time.

Pisces IconPISCES These pets are the kindest and most caring of all the pets. They can feel your feelings almost better than you can. They seem to know your moods and react to them. We have a little Pisces Mollee, who is our protector. She often borders on being a bully in her need to take care of the ones in pain. If she sees another of the pets in what she perceives as trouble she will bite and snap and bark at the would be offender. This can be if we pick up another pet or another of our pets is barking. She will try to rescue the one she sees as injured. This often causes more problems then it helps but you try and tell Mollee that.

Pisces also rules the feet. Mollee has a habit of licking those feet whenever she is bored and is off duty. Also one that loves water, being a water sign. She loves to get into the bath tub, and drink from a dripping faucet. She loves to get drink water when you give her a bath too. She would stay for hours in the bath if she could only drink all that water she would.

These kind souls are often spacey beyond anything you have ever seen. They never seem to know where they are going or where they have been. Some of these pets can be so spacey they miss what is going on in the world. They are often the cats that spend hours staring at the wall. I think they might be talking to their alien ships.

Too soothe a Pisces make sure they do not have too must stress or input from the outside world. They are easily excited and often take on the feelings of others and not even know it has become part of their feelings. Too really help these sensitive creatures, play music for them, but not too loud for they have sensitive ears too. Speaking of ears, don't forget to check to see if they have ear mites or infections in those ears. They are prone to both.

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