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Whenever you are contemplating a vacation, going to visit friends, departing on a business trip, or planning a place to relocate, you will find this astrological report a fun and easy personalized road map.

In these reports, you will see how your personality changes just by being in another city. Which city will you work more in? Which one will you play more in? Are you more motivated, friendlier, angrier, sadder, or more successful? Are you more social, isolated, depressed or happy and freer from worry and pain?

Always wondered why you would go on vacation in one city and come home relaxed and then when you went to another city you came home ready for a vacation from all the stress? Cities, like people have a personality and a rhythm all their own. How does your chart fit into the cities of your choosing?

How about moving to a new city? Do you really want the promotion half way across the country? These reports are one of the most valuable we offer. Moving to a new city and only being miserable is something you can now avoid.

Our price for these charts are only $4.00 each or three for $10.00. Why miss out for such a low cost?

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Relocation Four Cities     $10.00 US add to shopping cart  add to cart icon

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