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Welshie Birthday Poetry
by Deborah

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Happy Birthday Jazz!
by Deborah

May your sister, God bless her, never beat you at tug,
May your cookies be fresh from the oven,
May the sun always shine on your spot of the rug,
And your slave mother be there for lovin'.

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Happy Birthday Duffy!
by Deborah

May the road be soft on your paws, too,
And the thistles remain on their stems,
I hope you get lots of good things to chew,
For you Welshies are such little gems!

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Happy Birthday Mollee!
by Deborah

May the road ahead be soft on your paws,
May your wiry coat never mat,
Your birthday's the best day for hunting because
No one yells when you chase that ole' cat!

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Happy Birthday Bailey!
by Deborah

May your Mum never shriek at the mice at her feet,
May your wit always stay sharp and clever,
After twelve years -- and for the ten you were sweet,
May you dance in the shamrocks forever!

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