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Poetry by
Jeannette with Sophie

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Happy Tail
by Jeannette Adkins,
and WT Sophie
(Hey, my name should be on there, too!!!)
November 1998

'Tis not a tale of old folklore,
Nor a tale of treasure ship to shore.
No, not a tale of magic rings,
the Prince of Wales or wealthy kings.

This tale speaks of devoted love,
A special gift sent from above.
Little creatures full of joy,
Who look at life as one big toy!

With eyes set close, deep brown and bright,
Expressing old adage, "love at first sight;"
They dance and sing and 'say' so much,
Without a word, they reach and touch.

A bear-like face painted cinnamon red,
Sporting folded ears on a "brick-shaped" head;
Smart black jacket completes the look,
of a serious clown from Bardi's Book.

Red legs so long to spring so high,
That launch these dogs from where they lie!
Paws that saunter in a cat-like walk,
The very same raised to shake and 'talk.'

Best of all is saved for last...
Vibrating in anticipation or wagging fast;
Along with delightful eyes and bodies that sail,
The epitome of expression is their happy tail!

So, you see, ours is a different tale,
Of a hearty little dog, not often "For Sale."
A challenge to find, there may be barriers...
For our happy 'tail' belongs to Welsh Terriers!

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