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welshie button The Alexcam Real-time, live shots of a Welshie in "action"

welshie button Allie and Her Nevsky My name is Allie Riker and I live in southern New Jersey. I was born in Germany and was born with the formal name, Anneli von dem Hinkesforst -- but everybody just calls me Allie! Hi I am Nevsky, I was a Welsh Terrier who really needed rescuing. With the help of some nice people in the Welsh Terrier Club, my sister, Allie, rescued me. Come one and all and see the rest of our stories.

welshie button The Banshie Family HomePage Our family consists of 1 Giant Schnauzer (Bella), 5 Welsh Terriers (Bailey, Peter, Squirt, Mikie, and Winnie), 1 Packman frog (Sid), and 2 aquariums (70 gallon with African Cichlids, 30 gallon with Oscar and Catfish). Oh yea, Mom and Dad live here too! Sounds like a zoo huh? Mom and dad think it is some days. But we all have a great time!

welshie button Borchorst Kennels It all started when Carl bought his first Welsh Terrier (WT) in 1971. A wonderful site from Germany.

welshie button CARDIFF A wonderful tribute to the best darn elder statesman of 17 plus years. CARDIFF the Welsh Terrier. We will all miss him.

welshie buttonCymro Welsh Terriers If you wanted to know more about Welsh Terriers or even thought of getting one, see this site first. Everything you could ever want to know about a Welsh Terrier from one of the best Welsh Breeders in Canada, Patricia A. Fleury. Learn about Grooming, Cost and Contracts of buying a Welshie as well as Grooming Tips of fur, nails and ears.

welshie button Griotte's Web Page My name's GRIOTTE, Bitch Welsh Terrier born in 1991. I live in Bretagne (Brittany), France. Lots and Lots of wonderful pictures.

welshie button Harry's Page Harry a very cute Welshie that lives in Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

welshie buttonHollis Haven Kennels Lyn Hollis Breeder/Exhibitor of Champion Welsh Terriers

welshie button Jymy's Site Great Photos of Jymy, Sara and Niki all living in Finland

welshie button Morgan's Page My Favorite Welshie after my Mollee, of course. Check him out and see why. He lives in Iowa with Dave Tygart.

welshie button Michael Park's Wood Carving Site The BEST hand-carved dogs you will ever find. All products have been hand-carved, hand-painted & hand-assembled in our Pennsylvania shop! Shhh! Don't tell but his prices are really low, way too low for the great work he does. The best part: he does woodcarvings of Welshie's and of course any dog breed you want.

welshie button Mickey and Joia's Page MICKEY's official name is Ch.Bahrsland's Schoolmaster McBee, but I prefer "Mickey" (or "Mick" or "Little Man" or "Big Guy"). Well, that only sounds confusing. I'll seldom answer to any of them, anyway! My mom, JOIA, and I are Welsh Terriers living within the township of Plymouth, the state of Michigan, United States of America, Earth.

welshie buttonStonewall Elly, Stoney, Lulu, Rusty, and Gunner's site. We live in Maine. Our keeper's name is Lynda and she dotes on us terribly...just the way we like it. We are spoiled rotten and have her wrapped right around our little paws.

welshie button Taffy, The Welshman . I am nine years old and live with Mary in Michigan. I am a very busy Welshie. I guard the house, bark at people who walk on my sidewalk, play with my toys, and look for animals in my big backyard. I chase chipmunks up the drain pipe, but Mary makes me let them go. On my web page, you can learn about me and learn about Welsh Terriers.

welshie buttonVirtual Photo Album of Welshie's on Welshie List

welshie button The Welsh List The cast of characters. Both Bi-ped Slaves and The Fur Pals

welshie button WELSH P M S The only kind to have! If you thought PMS meant life's a bitch, think again! I recommend Welsh PMS! That's my three Welsh Terriers . . .Pimms, Merlin and Stacey!

welshie button WTCARES is a volunteer rescue service of the Welsh Terrier Club of America (WTCA) that helps Welsh Terriers in distress - dogs that need to be placed in a different home, dogs that are in shelters or humane societies, dogs that have been abandoned or abused.

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