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Susan's Poetry with PMS
(Pimms, Merlin and Stacey)

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A Welshie Christmas

  by Susan with PMS (Pimms, Merlin & Stacey)
borrowed from Mel Torme's "The Christmas Song"

Merlin panting by the wood stove fire,
Stacey napping at my toes,
Pimms curled up on the couch by my side,
Three Welsh enjoying their repose.

Everybody knows a black and tan Welsh Terrier,
Helps to make all seasons bright,
Tiny pups with their backs black as coal,
And older dogs with muzzles white.

You know that joy is on it's way,
When you get on the floor and with your doggie play.
And every Welshie slave is going to sigh,
To see the love reflected in their Welshie's eye.

And so I'm offering this simple tune,
To Welsh and all their people, too.
Although it's been said many time, many ways,
Welshie Christmas to you.

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We Three Dogs

   by Susan with PMS (Pimms, Merlin & Stacey)
To the tune of (what else?)
"We Three Kings".

We three dogs Welsh Terriers be.
Go outside when we need to pee.
While we're out there
we sniff the air
and bark at any deer we see.

My name is Merlin, they call me Mer.
I'm black and tan with lots of thick fur.
I'm the slow one
but I am not dumb
and I'm not a common cur.

I'm Staccato but known as Stacey.
With me you get much more than you see.
A little bit small
more like a Welsh doll
but lively and so full of glee.

My name is Pimms and would you believe,
I was named for an aperitif.
I lived first with Frank
but the Rameys rank
as a family I would never leave.

That's our song and now that you see
We are Welshies One Two and Three
We send glad tidings
to all dogs residing
around the world and their families.

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You Have Another Fan

   by Susan with PMS (Pimms, Merlin & Stacey)
To the tune of "It came upon a midnight clear".

I saw my first Welsh terrier
at the San Francisco show.
They were so cute those black and tans
my heart was all aglow.

I spent eight years looking around;
a show every other year.
Until I met Richard Powell who
brought us our Merlin so dear.

Rejoice, rejoice, Welsh Terriers
you have another fan!
The PAW has stolen a human heart

and that's all part of their plan.

When Merlin was 3 we saw an ad
for a Welshie in need of a home.
And Gwinnie's spirit lives with us still
though she lies beneath a stone.

We got Stacey one cold winter day;
it seems like a lifetime ago.
She's cute and pert, a monster too
she's anything but slow.

Rejoice, rejoice, Welsh Terriers
you have another fan!
Though loss brings pain the love's not lost
It's all part of HIS plan.

Pimms joined our pack at 8 years old,
she came with allergies.
Her care is no burden to us for
she is a wonderful squeeze.

That's the tale of Ben and Sue
who are well and truly smitten.
They are not twice shy though you could say
they have been four times bitten.

Rejoice, rejoice, Welsh Terriers
you have another fan!
To spread Welshie joy and happiness
across the Christmas land.

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