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Astrology Questions Answered
By Vinnie E. Allbritton

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For an accurate reading, do I need my exact birthtime?

The ideal situation is to know the exact time of your birth to within a minute or two. For all practical purposes, if you know your birthtime within 5 minutes, you should be able to get an accurate reading.

Why are some of the houses in my chart empty?

Houses, (sections of the chart) that do not contain planets are common. Since houses define areas of life, it follows that when you have two or more planets in a house, the area of life symbolized by that house takes on more importance. If a house is empty, it doesn't mean to ignore that area of life. It's means you don't necessarily have complex issues to work out in that area. It also may mean that you don't focus your energies there as much as in the houses where planets are.

What does it mean if I'm not like the typical Aquarius?

There are many factors involved in how the natal chart shows personality traits. The Sun, Moon and Rising Signs are all about 10% each of the whole chart. The other planets also matter, as does the house positions, especially the planets close to the four angles (the Ascendant, Midheaven, etc), which matter a great deal. The aspects made by the Sun, Moon and planets also have a major effect. Sun Sign astrology works to some minor extent, but it is mostly a commercial consideration, and has only become popular in the last 80 years or so.

*Real* natal astrology takes the entire birthchart into consideration. In your case, say you have a Capricorn Ascendant, Mercury & Venus, many planets in the tenth house and Saturn conjunct Moon in Taurus, you, of course, will not appear as a typical Aquarian.

Can Astrology really predict the future, or do we have free will?

Both are true. Astrology can predict accurately the conditions in your life, the psychological climate and the pressures which motivate you. However, you still have free will. On the other hand, certain things seem fated and are often described perfectly in the birth chart. For example, parts of your body most prone to health problems, and how your parents treated you. The chart symbolizes a fixed shaping influence. Thus your life ends up looking like your chart.

Most of my planets are in the bottom half of my chart. I’ve been told this means I’m shy and withdrawn. This doesn’t seem to apply; Besides, I have a Leo Sun and a Moon in Sagittarius. Can you suggest another way to look at this?

This is one of the problems of not looking at the chart as a whole. Most people with fire Sun and Moon are not going to be shy and withdrawn unless they have other aspects to modify this shyness. When most of our planets are in the bottom of the chart (the southern hemisphere), those planets were literally below the horizon at the moment of birth.

Some astrologers think this makes the native more introspective, being introspective is not the same thing as being shy. Introspection is observing or examining one’s own mental and emotional state. Perhaps it’s true people with this emphasis work more actively on their own inner life, and thus more subjective, more apt to do things their own way and on their own terms. The person can have difficulty with unasked for advice. They would rather do what they love, even if the limelight and money were lacking.

All my planets are on one side of my chart, except for Jupiter. Does that make Jupiter important?

Right you are. Jupiter would be called a focal planet. Your chart features a bucket pattern. Most of the planets are within an arc of 180°, with one planet opposing. This isolated planet is regarded as the handle of the bucket, and much of the energy of the other planets may be channeled through it, giving drive or purpose to the whole chart. It is the sole representative for a large section of the birth chart. You may tend to do things big, and to have an enthusiastic and positive outlook on life. Higher learning and philosophic ideals may also be important to you.

I have read the Moon has to do with relationships. I have a Pisces Moon. What signs should I look to for compatibility?

The Sun or Moon in earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) would have a natural affinity with a Pisces Moon. Also Neptune (Pisces’ ruler) in aspect (connection) to a personal (inner) planet. The Ascendant of a partner's chart may get along well with your Pisces Moon.

In order to learn astrology, it is necessary to study and understand affinities and elemental compatibility. Human nature is very complex; and to oversimplify does not do justice to the depth of the human experience. Although sign emphasis differs from person to person, we all contain all of the twelve signs. Relationships of all types occur in any combination.

Although elemental affinities reveal a great deal, there are many other considerations which give us information regarding compatibility. How well do we know ourselves and our needs? What do we expect or want from a relationship? What is the purpose of a particular relationship in our lives? There are many ways of looking at the chart to uncover answers to these questions.

Am I stuck with my birthchart or do things change over time?

Yes & no. Consider it your Life’s Path. You are not stuck with your chart but rather blessed with it. Your chart shows the best possible environment for your continued growth. There are many ways to bring your chart into the present to show the changing conditions of your life, current influences and challenges. The birthchart is the foundation for all other interpretive work. We have the opportunity throughout our lifetime to continue to understand and evolve, which is revealed through its design.

Which are more important, inner or outer planets?

The inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are part of the whole picture, and they describe different functions, which are of equal importance. While the inner planets are associated with our personal identity and concerns, the outer planets symbolize our place in the greater picture of Generational and collective issues. Without the experience and knowledge of self gained through the inner planets, we will not have an effective way to participate in collective energies. Outer planets signify group karma, and the generation you were born into, which have specific goals to accomplish.


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