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AdZe MiXXe Astrologer Extraordinaire. - Lots of information on astrology. FREE Screensaver of the phases of the moon.

Alpha Centaurs Zodiac Hacker (The Zodiac Hacker) - A fun site where you might learn something. Explore the Greek mythology behind the archetypal images, symbols and planets of astrology. Free mystical e-mail postcards. Take a Love Journey through the Zodiac.

Articles on Astrology - Some of the best written articles on astrology. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Astrology. Humorous and easy to read. Articles on Ancient Astrology to Vedic Astrology.

Astrology Annex of the Paranormal Parlor - An overview of astrology from the point of view of an open-minded skeptic. There is a large section of annotated links to astrological sites.

Astrology Center of America - National Clearinghouse for Astrology Books.

Astrology Online - Large Astrological Site with lots of information for the beginner.

Astrology World - Traditional Astrology at it finest. Many wonderful articles on every conceivable astrological subject. Free astrological screen savers from Matrix. Lots of astrology software.

Astropro's Cosmic Connections - Astrological Conferences, Conventions. Summary of Astrological Newsgroups, Mailing lists, Newsletters.

Chiron Astrological ServicesAncient, Greek and Medieval Latin Astrology. For the Advanced Astrologer. Software for calculating the planetary periods involved in the zodiacal aphesis; available for download and based upon the translations of Project Hindsight. Cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Free astrological profile via e-mail and more.

Hermes' Foot - Astrology on the Web. Monthly Astrology Column, Tapes, and Lectures.

The Mountain Astrologer - The widely read magazine on astrology. Articles are very well written. If you are beginner to astrology or a long time professional, you will find information and articles well worth your time and trouble.

On-Line Interactive Astrology - Bibliography, Real-time search for 20,000 celebrity charts, interactive reports and oracles.

Quincunx Astrology - Questions Answered at Quincunx Astrology. Articles on Astrology.

Southern Utah Astrology and Books


      200++ pages free astrology information,
Free Horoscopes!!             Free  compatibility info!!!

The Ultimate Original Science, Astrology - We have a Daily Love Line Column, Weekly Horoscope column, free mini horoscopes, a free chat room and much more.

Your Yastrologer - gives you a daily Net horoscope and Web sites to match your birth sign. From Yahoo.

Zodiac House - Top notch horoscope, zodiac and astrology site. Free daily horoscopes. Romance guide and personal planet lookup tables.

Zodiacal Zephyr - Home to the Astrologer's Resource Directory, Celebrity Birth data, current Ephemeris, links to over 500 Astrology websites, and much, much more.

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