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123 Greetings Cards for every holiday and even for asking someone to marry you. Send virtual flowers as well.

Anniversary Card Shop Send an Anniversary card to anyone on the web that has an email address.

Blue Mountain Arts Musical Animated Greeting Card site for every occasion.

Copy Caps The Virtual Hot Spot for Great Custom Baseball Caps. Copy Caps is your connection to the coolest baseball caps on the face of the planet. Our customers are found around the globe (actually, some of them appear to be from other planets, too).

Cyber Cards Fifteen pages of different kinds of cards. We have cards for all the holiday, cats, clowns, space photos, undersea, outer space, landmarks, and much much more. Give us a try!!

The Electric Post Card Send postcards in Cyberspace, FREE!

Festival Card Shop Where you design your own Metaphysical Cards. Each month a new zodiac sign. Zodiac Cards designed by Artist and Astrologer, Barbara Nowak.

Kardz From Kids Send warm wishes with 2 mom luv me elektronik kardz! Kreate your own Kard!

Mail a Meal-Gourmet PostCards Mail A Meal is a fun website for sending Free Food postcards to friends in cyberspace.

A Passion for Parrots PostCards Parrot Postcards as well as cards for any holiday.

Qpid Cards Animated and shockwave cards. A really nice card to send. Also, your choice of music to send with your card. Check it out!!! It will be your favorite too.

Tarot Postcards Send a card with very peculiar images of almost Elvish/vampirish looking Trumps. Check it out!

Virtual Greeting Cards Most card sites feature animal pictures. The largest site of greeting cards I have ever seen. Don't miss this one!

Virtual Presents We deliver virtually anywhere - It is the thought that counts.

The Zodiac Hacker's Postcards Post Cards of every type, from Pigs to Paranormal. The only Post Card site where you can send cards in 13 different languages.

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Make Me Happy Did someone make you happy lately? E-mail them the loving gift of flowers . . . well in this case, e-mail a picture of flowers! Send a gift of flowers.

Unique Photo Cards Turn your photos into personalized trading cards, birth announcements, christmas cards, Pin, Button, Magnet and Business Cards. Turn your child into a star in their own personalized book.

Virtual Florist Send Flowers Virtually Anywhere, FREE!

Virtual Flowers and Cards Both Virtual Flowers and Cards, FREE!


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