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Why look at a child's astrological profile? This valuable information can provide the parents of small children and newborns with an important tool to understand their child's emotions, their preferences in many areas, where conflicts could arise and even what kind of relationship the child will have with the parents or siblings. Children have their whole life ahead of them with very little baggage to start out with. Astrology can give a small child or a newborn a head start above the rest.

If, through astrology, you could foresee your child has an artistic inclination, giving them artistic toys at a young age will set them on the right course. If you were aware of how your child loves to organize and put blocks in a line, then you wouldn't give them artistic toys, which would frustrate them. If you knew your child is prone to anger, teaching them boundaries and ways to deal with anger will cause much less heartache for you and your child. Every parent wants to do what is best for their child. Astrology can give you an insight into your child and his future. Don't you wish you had the opportunity of being brought up with "your" best interest in mind?

Give parents the unusual gift their babies won't outgrow.Our child forecast is for you. What a lifesaver!

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Sun Signs of Children

sun ARIES (March 20-April 19)
These children are very enthusiastic and not afraid to take risks. Never a dull moment with these feisty youngsters. They never sit still or stop moving. Emotions are on the surface with a full range of emotions from rage to ecstasy. To help your child with these strong emotions, always provide them with a physical outlet. Any competitive sport is ideal for them. Soccer, football or martial arts. Any sport that keeps these guys moving.

If these children are not watched, they will be the ones climbing the tallest tree or leaping off the roof. Involved in anything risky. The riskier the better. At age two the fun begins! Both for the parents and especially for the child. Toddlers learn quickly they have mastery over their bodies and the word no. It takes them no time at all to become defiant. These children need to learn very early who is in charge. The Aries child is very much like his symbolic counterpart, the ram. Very stubborn and always taking on new challenges of the next higher mountain. Fearless in everything they do. Always starting something new. Getting them to finish what they start is another thing. They quickly lose interest in everything, from eating to building a model. As the parent, you will have to prod them to complete everything.

Natural born leaders, these children are often the class president, quarterback or prom queen. Learning to share and learning to lose will be difficult lessons for these children. If communications are strong in this child, she will show high intelligence early in life. The original ideas person. Aries children can manifest the negative aspects of this sign, displaying hyperactivity and in extreme cases, violence. Moving too quickly, these children can be accident prone and easily hurt their heads. Too much selfishness can lead to difficulties with siblings and playmates. If you teach anything to an Aries, let it be patience.

sun TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
These children are very careful, consistent and practical. They thrive on order and schedules in every area of their lives from, eating, playing to sleeping. Taurus love toys and material things. They love anything they can possess or collect. Money makers from an early age, they can be happy doing chores for money. They may be slow in doing tasks, but they always finish what they start. They are reliable and show up when told to do so. Loyalty is very important to them. They are honest and consistent with family and friends expecting others to be the same.

These children love clothes and food early on. They appreciate the finer things in life. Because Taurus is ruled by the throat, they often have wonderful voices and love to sing and act. Sign them up for acting or singing classes if you see a tendency toward these arts. You will not be disappointed. On the negative side, this bull, the ruling symbol of Taurus, can be very quiet, stubborn and possessive. They can even be possessive of friends or family, not wanting others to share their things, be it people or property. Slow to anger, but watch out! When a Taurus gets mad they do not get over it quickly. They can be so stubborn that they will not try anything new, from food to friends to toys.

Do not expect this sign to complete tasks in your time. They have their own sense of time and will finish but at their own speed. If you try to hurry them along, they will just slow down even more. Make sure they can do the task in the required time or do not ask them to do it. Greed can be a problem with these children. Teach them to give and share with others to avoid a selfish attitude. If a Taurus learns to save at a young age, they will often become financially successful adults. A very tactile sign, these children love to touch everything they see. Massage is often a calming agent for them. They make the best huggers in the world.


sunGEMINI (May 20-June 22)
These children are entertainers. They never are at a loss for words. In general, Geminis are very intelligent and love to learn. Writing comes easily to them. When you have heard enough from them in a day, sit them down to write and the whole family will be happier. Give them microphones and computers to keep them from tiring of one activity. Witty and very humorous. They can grow up to be comedians. They are so good with speech, they can sell anything to anybody. You will often find salespeople possessing the sign of Gemini.

Avid readers, they will need many, many books on many subjects to be happy. Otherwise, they will come to you with a never ending flow of questions. They can talk so much, they drive everyone away. Boredom will turn them into a hyper, nervous, antsy child. Get their physical needs for movement satisfied by getting them involved in dance lessons, gymnastics, or track and field. They need to move their bodies as often as they move their mouths. On the other hand, do not give them too many things to do at once, for then they will never learn to be good at anything. Life will then become just one activity after another without any sense of fulfillment or completion.

Watch for sensitivity to the hands, limbs or lungs. These children are more prone to dyslexia and nervous disorders, including speech problems than any other sign. Looking for variety can keep them from being faithful to friends and later to a spouse, as well as, the inability to stick with one career. Teaching your Gemini child to fulfill their commitments and concentrate on what’s in front of them will be the best thing you can do for them.

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sunCANCER (June 23-July 22)
Within in each Cancer you will find an earth mother. These are the nurturers of the zodiac. They will bring home all the stray children and pets in the neighborhood. They are very sensitive to their own, as well as, other’s feelings and emotions. They are very intuitive and imaginative. Often when older, Cancer children will become handy and have the ability to fix anything.

Not only do they care about the underdogs in the world, they also love their families. They will protect family members at all costs. They love to cuddle their dolls and stuff animals. Toys made like small household appliances and tools are often the favorite of these children.

You can usually find a Cancer at home. They often have their own special spot or private room. They love to save everything. You can always spot one of these children, for they are the ones that have the secret stash of candy or food, especially chocolate. When they get older, they often will save scraps of paper with phone numbers on it. They might not know who belongs to that number, but if they keep it long enough, they might remember. Hoarding is not bad if one is hoarding money. Many of the riches people on the planet are Cancers.

Taking on others emotions can be a problem for these children. They can wallow in others, as well as, their own problems. They have pretty severe mood swings. When down or depressed, they can become cruel. Like their symbol the crab, they will snap at you when anyone tries to threatened the shell they place around themselves when upset.

Some Cancers can cling to mom and their home way after it is appropriate. At their worse, Cancer children will be selfish, secretive and hold onto past hurts. Many male Cancers have a difficult time with their maternal side. They may become overly aggressive or competitive to compensate. Encourage these children to express their feelings. Logic, not one of their strong points, need to be learned. They are often too emotional when faced with life’s problems. Hug them often for they love to be held. This will help alleviate clingy, needy behavior and keep them out of their shells.

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sunLEO (July 23-August 22)
Now we will present the king of the jungle. They love to be treated like royalty. If you treat them with respect and honor, they will be open, warm, and very giving. These children demand to be noticed whenever they enter a room, often in quite a dramatic fashion. If you do not give them their needed compliments, they will have no problem telling you what praise they would like to hear.

They love to direct everyone, be it playmate, sibling or parent. People seem to not mind being lead around by a Leo, for they often are fun and have great ideas. They love children and will want to baby-sit when they get a little older. What better way for them to be a young leader. As any king or queen, they demand only the best in comfort and luxury. They love to act and try on roles of older people.Usually successful in everything they do. They can organize large groups of people in any kind of activity with much success. Leos can get almost anyone to do almost anything. They do not do anything they do not feel they will not be the best in. Probably the most confident of all the zodiac signs.

Leos hate to be wrong. Whenever you must tell a Leo about a an unacceptable behavior, it must be phrased in such a way that they come out with their pride in tact. If criticized without an out, they will attack and never listen to what needs to be changed. They have very strong egos that they must protect at all times. To help a Leo with changing his behavior, start with what is good about him. Then you can tell them the behavior you would like to see them change.

Sometimes Leo can be so self-absorbed, they will not share the stage of life with anyone. Immaturity can be a problem. A Leo should only be allowed to lead people if, it will be beneficial to everyone. He cannot be allowed to just control and dominate everyone to build his own ego. Leos must learn to share. Siblings in the family will force a Leo to get off his pedestal. Be careful he doesn't bully or dominate the other siblings or the whole family will suffer.

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sun VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
Here are our perfectionists. If you need details, ask a Virgo. Great at organizing anything, from their toys to the silverware on the table. No detail is missed by our Virgo children. They can be extreme in their behavior. You often see very neat and tidy Virgos on one end of the scale and slobs on the other end. But even the slobs have organized some part of their lives. They love to alphabetize their books and toys.

These children are very good at taking care of others. They are very happy when they can help another person. Nothing makes them happier than to take care of sick people and animals. Make sure they do not serve others to such an extent they give up their own needs. They will then become martyrs with their need to get approval and attention for helping others.

Very good with their hands, they can fix anything that breaks. You might find them taking apart electrical things just to see how it works. Then they will enjoy putting it back together again.

Virgos can be great writers and communicators if they are not too shy or scared. Virgo child can be very critical and analytical. Make sure they do not criticize others or themselves too often. Be watchful they do not become too obsessed with cleaning or organizing avoiding interaction with other children.

You can always trust a Virgo with important tasks and responsibilities. Make sure they get enough praise to counter their self-criticism. They often focus on health and exercise. Their extremist behavior can lead to compulsive exercising and hypochondriac behavior. It is very important to keep them in good balanced habits.

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