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sunLIBRA (September 23-October 22)
They cannot make up their minds. They have the ability to see both sides of an issue, so choosing is very difficult for them. Teach your child he must learn to make decisions. We all will learn more from our mistakes than from doing everything the perceived right way.

Charming and polite, they are easy to be with most of the time. They do not often want to be without people. The earlier you can start them in social situations the better. These children are very artistic and love beauty and art of all kinds. They do have a wonderful sense of style and color.

Do not allow them to be lazy, which is their natural inclination. Artistic and musical pursuits will help eliminate this problem. Get them in art and music classes so they socialize and express their natural talents. This child needs to be around people and has many friends. If they do not have enough friends it is not unusual for them to invent imaginary ones. Their charming attitude can lead to lying and misconceptions just to be liked by people. They lie by telling people what they think the other person wants to hear. Parents do not allow your child to make promises they will not keep.

Libras can spend so much time trying to be charming and looking good that they do not say what they really want. This leads them to wild outburst of anger. Teach them to be honest and to ask for what they want. Not everyone can be liked by everyone else. They need to learn to confront problems head on and work at it until they find a solution. Not to run away which is their natural tendency when things get uneasy. Explain to them that it is not always in everyone‘s best interest to always have peace and avoid problems. They make people feel wonderful and comfortable. They make the best diplomats and most people just feel good in their company.

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sunSCORPIO (October 23-November 21)
Do you want someone to hold your secrets? Tell a Scorpio. If a Scorpio tells you one of their secrets, they are giving you one of theirmost prized possessions. Feel honored with this gift. These children are the most intense of all the zodiac. Scorpios will not let anything go until they get to the bottom of an issue. This sign makes great detectives. They love puzzles of all kinds. Give them a mystery book and they will love you forever.

They can be very emotional either in love or anger. These children are the extremist of the zodiac. If they put their mind to it, they can be very powerful and get anything they want if they do it with power and not anger. As a parent, it is important to not allow them to manipulate others into getting what they want. They can hurt others just to get their way.

These children rarely get ill. If they do get sick, they recover very quickly. Pain is not a problem for them. They move through physical pain quickly. Not many people will understand their need for secrecy or their intensity. When angered, they can be very revengeful. They do not often let go of real or perceived hurts from others. If allowed to be too secretive, this child could be without friends. Make their world as safe as possible so they can learn to trust people.

If angered Scorpio children can turn it inward. This will lead to secrecy, jealousy and at the extreme, violence. Give these children a physical as well as mental outlet for this energy. Get to know these difficult children by finding what they are the most passionate about. Slowly build their trust and make it safe for them, to reveal their secrets. If not done, this can lead to wallowing in negativity indefinitely, which will cause depression and then illness. They can be very, very stubborn and difficult to work with. Do not give up, it will be well worth it. They are very intense, intuitive and can tell when someone is not truthful with them. They need people to rely even though they make act as if they need no one.

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sun SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)
Now we come to the fun loving children of the zodiac. These children are enthusiastic, optimistic and generally happy. They look for the truth. They are very active physically and mentally. They love a good debate in search of the correct answer. These children often love school and the process of learning. They have a keen appreciation of philosophy and religion at an early age. They definitely have their own idea of what is the truth and love to tell the world. The Sagittarius child will argue when your theory does not match theirs.

Traveling is a must for these children. From an early age until old age they will be traveling to foreign countries and seeing the world. They love to meet people of different cultures and talk about different beliefs. Anywhere they travel is where they can make their home. They easily adapt to different cultures and ways of living. Often seen in libraries and museums in search of learning something new.

Very generous and friendly, they love life and people. They are so honest, that they can be tactless. They do not mean to hurt others, they are just telling the truth. When confronted with what they say, they are truly surprised that what they said was offensive. These children are not often interested in doing chores or homework because they do not look like something that would be fun. It is up to the parents to make sure they not only finish tasks, but even start them. They can procrastinate better than any other sign. They become bored easily and are into so many things, that nothing ever gets finished. They have to be shown the value of responsibility and completing tasks.

These children love sports and should be encouraged to participate, as well as, watch others playing. Watch that they do not take too many risks for they can easily get hurt in their enthusiastic need to seek new adventures. Give them enough freedom of choice or they will fight you just to be their own person. Teach them tact and what will hurt others.

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sun CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
One of the most serious of all the zodiac. These children appear to be grown up at a very early age. They do become more comfortable as adults than as children. They seem to become younger as they age. They look very young when they are older. They have a difficult time having fun. They see homework and work in general more fun then playing. They hate games and would prefer to organize their clothes in their closet.

Even though they can be trusted to baby-sit or cook dinner, they need to be encouraged to add a little emotions to their desire to be successful and responsible in life. These children will put themselves on a schedule if you do not. They are very ambitious, practical and hard working. The Capricorn child is very good with their money and learn at an early age the value of money. They are also very practical with their time and rarely waste it.

Capricorns love anything old and traditional. They are very good at the holidays and love the routine of year after year rituals, planning and decorating. Witty under all that seriousness. They can be very sarcastic and laugh at the worst conditions of life. Depression is a major problem for these children. They work toward perfectionism and get very disappointed when they cannot achieve it. Help them to express what they want and teach them that perfection is not only impossible, but impractical.

Encourage them to be children when they are young. Teach them the value of playing and having fun. Being spontaneous or taking unnecessary risks are not up there on the list of things to do for these sometimes stuffy and old children. You will not see them involved with risky sports either. Theme parks are not something these Capricorns would volunteer to attend.

If depression becomes too much of a problem, later in life these Capricorns can have drinking problems to cover their depression. Generally, these children will be very ambitious and successful. They must learn there is more to life than just working.

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sun AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)
Does your child seem strange and a little weird? You probably have an Aquarius child. Being different is their specialty. It can be in dress, thought or behavior. These children are inventors and creators. They need more freedom than any other sign. Computers can be of great value early in life to these children. They seem to be intrigued by any type of technology. Being dramatic and spontaneous are their nature. They love anything new and innovated. If these children become bored with routine, be aware that they might stir up trouble just to keep drama and excitement going in their lives. Give them a variety of things to do, from science to history, to stories of any kind.

Humanitarian is the keyword for Aquarius. They will be charitable to all people and animals. They think globally. They want to do what is good for mankind. Rather cold in nature, Aquarius do not require much affection or attention. They can be rather impersonal and uncaring to people. It is not that are mean, it is they have already moved onto the next project; and whoever is with them gets ignored. They love new ideas more than people. Detaching into ones own thoughts can be commonplace for these children. On the other hand, this type of ability to detach is good for problems that cause others stress. When uncomfortable, they move on.

They do have trouble committing to people or projects. They need to be taught to stick with things until completion. Aquarius children have to see people have feelings. People cannot be treated as an object, a thing to be discarded when they are through with them. They do have many acquaintances and are never at a loss for other children to connect with. They make friends easily. Just do not let them discard the friends as easily. When they reach the teenage years, watch out! Here they begin to really learn what it is like to be independent and rebel more so than any other sign. Teach them early to honor all people, not just to honor group beliefs and norms so they will then become both humanitarians and care for people individually.

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sun PISCES (February 20-March 29)
We now come to the last sign of the zodiac. These very sensitive children learn almost from birth to absorb others feelings and assume it is their own.

The most intuitive sign of the zodiac. With so much emotions surging through them, they are often scared. They are so creative, they can create worlds that are safer than this one to live in. Fearful of many things, from monsters in the closet to loud noises these children need to learn to take risks. Taking risks and seeing that most things will not hurt them, will allow confidence to be built. When one is generally confident, fear does not stop them as often.

Natural born counselors, Pisces will comfort anyone in the slightest bit of emotional or physical pain. Teach them to take care of themselves the way they help others. If they get to drained, they often retreat into fantasy worlds. Later this retreating can lead to alcohol, drug or food abuse. Let them retreat but not where they avoid the rest of the world. It can be so safe there they do not want to be in the real world. They are very sensitive to all kinds of prescriptions, so start them off with half doses.

Music and the creative arts will allow the Pisces child to retreat into a more structured environment rather than living in a dream world. Check out the friends of these children. Many times because of their sensitive nature, they are taken advantage of by the stronger types. If they seem to be with the "wrong crowd" change the child‘s environment immediately. They will absorb all others around them and think whomever they are with are the right people for them; when, in fact, they are just responding to others thoughts and feeling and thinking it is their own.

Teach these children about practical matters, such as chores and finishing what they start. They need to learn grounding, otherwise the temptation to live in anything but reality will become strong. Without a lot of directed actives, they can flit from one thing to another. You can tell when they are not in reality, they will be very "spacey". They will then forget what they were doing before.

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