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Access New Age All things Esoteric & Spiritual, Occult and Metaphysical

The Alchemy Web Site Information on alchemy in all its facets.

Astrology House Chat daily with Professional On-Line Psychics! Have your cards read by live Tarot Readers! Free Astrology Information! Free Numerology Readings! Free Rune Castings! Unrestricted use of the I-Ching Oracle! Find your soul mate with STAR MATCH! Discover what your PASSION SIGN is!

Claudia offers Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing for healing on all levels. She also offers an online metaphysical catalogue.


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Crystal Sands, etc. A Pagan Playground! This is where the New Age meets the Old Way! Articles and Athames to Spells and Wands. Visa/Mastercard


Feng Shui Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui are not mysterious concepts though they cannot be integrated into today's science. Master Joe Yu offers an opportunity to learn real Feng Shui at home. Read a sample lesson.

FREE NUMEROLOGY REPORT Free Numerology Reports Instantly. Just fill in your name and birthday. Pretty Accurate too.

Graphic Insight Handwriting Analysis with Graphic Insight - The Handwriting Analysis Centre - Discover what handwriting analysis can reveal about you - or anyone else- from only one page of handwriting. Look at a real handwriting analysis - with explanations! A world of information about handwriting analysis or graphology! Handwriting analysis works! Check it for yourself!


Lucia's Garden offers The Sacred Wheel of the Year. Meditative articles describe seasonal celebrations and personal awareness. Spiritual books, herbs, aromatherapy products, jewelry and cards.

The Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries The site is content specific to all of the mysteries - Astrology, Alchemy, I Ching, Kabballah, etc.

New Age Market Place Holistic Alternatives and Natural Lifestyles.

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Oracle of Changes "The Oracle of Changes -- The first authentic, interactive consultation of an ancient oracle -- the I-Ching"

Sara Creekmore Glass, Inc. Ancient Symbol/Contemporary Design
Speak to your inner self and indulge your senses. Spiritually joyous and beautiful dichroic glass runestones, meditation stones, paperweights, orbs, jewelry, bowls, alchemy boxes, and beads . . . all with unique surface design.

Spiritweb WWW A Non-profit web-site promoting spiritual consciousness on the internet since 1993. Channeling, Lightwork, UFO, Healing, Meditation, Out Of Body, Yoga, Veda & Dharma, Mysteries, Astrology.

Spiritual Pathways of Light Join me in a reality of oneness. Spiritualist minister, medium, healer and teacher offers insights, products and services to assist you along your path through life. Readings available via e-mail and snail mail.


Visit the Fortune Teller Web links to FREE Tarot, Numerology and Astrology Readings.

A Waking World Lively discussion areas on New Age, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Awareness, Dreams and Healing. Hosting Jean Houston's Mystery School, the Mystic Bazaar and more! Promoting positive global change, sample books, texts.

Whole Arts New Age Directory Everything New Age and where to find it.

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