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On Fri Mar 9 21:06:31 CST 2001Debbie ( Green BayWIusa
Wrote : Thank you for making me smile, My doggie freind is here with me. When I first got my computer he was very jealuos , he would allways nudge my hand away from the keyboard
On Thu Mar 8 22:21:15 CST 2001Judith Biedrzycki ( Grand RapidsMIUSA
Wrote : This is just a beautiful site, I love blue. It sparkles and dazzles and intrigues. Love it!
On Tue Mar 6 20:40:33 CST 2001Nicole ( MaineUSA
Wrote : Great Site, I just love dogs. Have enjoyed my visit here. Have and nice day.
purple ball On Fri Feb 9 18:32:19 CST 2001Carmilla Manzanet ( DetroitMIUnited States
Wrote : Very interesting and full of info. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
purple ball On Thu Feb 8 20:13:16 CST 2001Lorraine Cook ( PhiladelphiaPenn.USA
Wrote : Have a yellow lab----1year 4months old----- named Draco. Love you Dog Humor Page. I check it out all the time. Thanks!!!
purple ball On Wed Feb 7 16:56:39 CST 2001Linda Playle ( W. Des MoinesIAUSA
Wrote : Nice website. Now we know what you do with your time when you are not searching for postcards.
purple ball On Fri Feb 2 19:59:28 CST 2001Camy Coleman ( Yuba CityCAUSA
Wrote : Nancee & friends, I love your web site! It is Fun and Informational-Thanks! C. Coleman
purple ball On Fri Feb 2 13:00:54 CST 2001RADL ( ThibodauxLaUSA
Wrote : One day frustrated about encouraging my child to enter her FASFA form for college, with no results. I came across your web site and thought it was to cute. So I printed out two copies. And will share them with my friends who are teachers.Looking forward to reading new ones later. As it stands today it brought a little laughter to my life. Something I feel we need more of in our lives!
purple ball On Fri Feb 2 05:22:27 CST 2001Zookeeper ( Palm BayFLUSA
Wrote : Ha Ha Ha, Great! :) Thank you!
purple ball On Wed Jan 31 09:14:52 CST 2001Alan ( KentuckyUSA
Wrote : Awesome site! Keep up the great work! I have a site you can visit, too, by the way! It's at

purple ball On Sun Jan 28 21:25:49 CST 2001griffen ( TecumsehOntarioCANADA
Wrote : I just read the cat and dog haikus...and almost peed my pants(pardon the vulgarity--but it's true!)!!!!! I thank you for making my day. I have printed them and will take them to work with me so that my co-workers can start their day with a light heart. Thank you again. Mary
purple ball On Mon Jan 22 23:34:57 CST 2001meg clarke ( palmastonnorthern territoryaustralia
Wrote : this is the coolest cat web site. it is sooo funny. i never have see so many ct joke in one place. i'm going to tell all my friends about this web site, even the ones that hate cats.
purple ball On Thu Jan 11 13:01:52 CST 2001Jake (I am the cat) (
Wrote : i really love you web page but i gotta go my mom don't know i am on the computer
purple ball On Sun Jan 7 15:12:13 CST 2001mika MN
Wrote : Too cute!!!
purple ball On Tue Dec 19 14:10:32 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Kathleen Francis ( TualatinORUSA
Wrote : Oh have some great looking hounds! I actually thought that your latest, Boo-Boo was a twin of my 8 month old Mini-Schnauzer, Blizzard. I was wrong, Boo-Boo is a wire terrier. WOW......terrier family, tho. Fooled me, that's for sure. We have Mischief(3yo s/p mini-schnauzer), Viper(2yo mini, black), Blizzard(8 month mini, white), Princess(approx 6 yrs, black puggie) and as of last night(12/18)....3 month wire haired terrier, female, Hayden. We're done! Just one big happy family....3 kids, 5 hounds, one husband! Love your sight! Thanks for sharing....Kathi
purple ball On Wed Dec 13 04:03:24 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Avril ( KandosNSWAustralia
Wrote : This is the first time I have ever entered a comment in a guest book, but I have to tell you I love your dog humour site!
purple ball On Tue Dec 12 08:44:14 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Kaitlin Hoffmeister ( WinchesterTN
Wrote : I really think that this is cute page to view keep up the good work.
purple ball On Sat Dec 9 14:04:40 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Sandy Sumner ( MonroeWAUSA
Wrote : I've been trying to tell my friend, Karen Anne, that her cat, Kosha, is getting a little "plump". Thanks to your website - I now have proof! Thanks for the smiles.
purple ball On Fri Dec 8 22:48:16 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Roxanna ( MtU.S.A
Wrote : I have been a visitor to your dog humor page several times and have passed it on to my fellow canine enthuseists.......we all agree.....keep up the good work!! Roxanna
purple ball On Wed Nov 22 12:33:57 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Wendy Russell ( Winnipeg manitobaCanada
Wrote : You have a very warm and inviting home on the web ! Really enjoyed our visit !
purple ball On Tue Nov 7 03:23:20 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Kt ( SydneyNSWAustralia
Wrote : Excellant and funny
purple ball On Fri Oct 27 19:13:04 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Shelly Allen ( San MateoCAUSA
Wrote : This blowes me away! Are you the same Nancee that I met at the Circle Of Light? I have thought of you so many times through the years. I have regreted not keeping in touch with you. Was so happy to see you are married and you have combined your training with astrology. Tom and I have been living near San Francisco for several years. Tommy (our son) recently moved to Eugene Or.I would love to hear from you E-mail or phone 650-571-6503 Hope to hear from you soon. Shelly Allen 7-15-56 (the cancer puppy)
purple ball On Sat Oct 21 17:52:20 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Dave ( BarnstapleDevonEngland
Wrote : Enjoyed your site, I hope you will like mine altho I see we both have many of the same stories etc. But so have many other Cat sites. Love and good luck dave.
purple ball On Fri Sep 22 17:30:43 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.lucy (
Wrote : this has to be the coolest web site ever! i loved the stuff about cats! i have printed it out for all my friends!!
purple ball On Sun Sep 3 22:04:17 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Heather Williams ( :GreenvilleNCUSA
Wrote : The humor page for children and parents is awesome!!!
purple ball On Fri Sep 1 19:05:06 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Elsa Perez ( PacoimaCalifornia
Wrote : VERY, VERY, FUNNY!!!!!!!
purple ball On Thu Aug 31 12:12:35 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Jayne ( :Brights GroveOntarioCanada
Wrote : I absolutely love the graphics. Please add more jokes, I enjoyed them
purple ball On Sun Aug 27 22:07:09 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.sylvia f. cohen ( :yorktown heightsny10598usa
Wrote : having had (unfortunatly dead now) a twenty plus pound cat named wusa pusa ( the name did not fit his size). i thoroughly enjoyed reading the 16... i also enjoyed the haikus on cats. i don't think we had one unclawed piece of furniture left in the house. down the block, lived leo. he was a thirty- five pound cat. his owner had to push him back with a broom. i can't think of the last time i laughed so hard and so much. thank you. it's been a real pleasure. memories are sweeter when shared and wusa pusa was a wonderful person, loved by our family- we still miss him.
purple ball On Sun Aug 13 04:08:17 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Bill Newell ( :NYNYUSA
Wrote : Great site. Shows a lot of work. I enjoyed my visit. Please come by and see our Westie, Buffy. Sign our guestbook and spend some time viewing our pictures.
purple ball On Tue Aug 1 15:33:30 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Laural ( :L.A.CAUSA
Wrote : Hello. I bumped into your page while looking for Kids' stuff. Your site is great. It sounds like you're well and happy. I'm back on Inglewood Bl. in an apt with my 2 yr old daughter. I'll introduce her to you if you like. Take care, LU
purple ball On Sat Jul 29 05:49:25 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Bill Newell ( :
Wrote : Nice job on your site. Please come by and see our Westie, Buffy and sign our guestbook. Visit Enjoyed my visit. Take care Bill Newell
purple ball On Mon Jul 10 14:26:39 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Wendy Tischler ( :Chapel HillNCUSA
Wrote : What a great site!!! I laughed so hard I was crying. I've sent the link to several pet loving friends so they can also enjoy it. Thanks for adding some pet humor to my day!
purple ball On Fri Jun 30 06:54:16 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.evelyn casey ( :limerickireland
Wrote : Hi there, I am a lioness and find astrology fascinating, I am looking for my soulmate I think it could be a fellow leo or a saggittarius.This site is really interesting and I have enjoyed it, Bye for now.
purple ball On Thu Jun 15 20:03:26 CDT 2001 All rights reserved. ( :new bernncusa
Wrote : what a great site! I'm ROFL.
purple ball On Tue Jun 13 20:13:16 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Kathy Isabell ( :DeaverWyomingUSA
Wrote : Oops, I meant to say fox TERRIER icons. Egg on my face. :o)
purple ball On Tue Jun 13 20:10:28 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Kathy Isabell ( :DeaverWyomingUSA
Wrote : I really enjoyed your dog humor page! I'm in the process of collecting funny dog cartoons, so eventually I will put up another page off my critter pages. I love the little foxhound icons and your charming border tile. I'll be back!
purple ball On Tue Jun 6 11:40:37 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Rico Watling (canine) ( :CampoCAUSA
Wrote : I so much enjoyed your humorous items and tips. Thank you for making me laugh, as my Aunt Reba (a beautiful, thoughtful, devoted German Shepard), recently passed away from cancer, and I took it really hard. We'll be sorting through her personal items in the next few weeks. She lived in Phoenix. ANYWAY! I'll check back soon; I'm on security detail right now. Thank you again. Hugs and Wags, Rico Watling
purple ball On Mon May 29 20:11:15 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.SUSIE ( ) :LINCOLNNEBRASKAUSA
purple ball On Wed Apr 26 19:36:50 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Lynner ( :OntarioCanada
Wrote : This is one beautiful and interesting site! You have put a LOT of work into these pages; they are both informative and fun. Thanx for loving cats!
purple ball On Wed Apr 26 18:32:31 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Tracey Merrill ( :alpineutahusa
Wrote : this is the cutest sight. sadly i found out my cat dose own me. keep up the good work. the graphics are the best
purple ball On Mon Apr 17 18:58:19 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.Susan White ( :ChillicotheOHUSA
Wrote : Hi Nancee: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your site. Susan
purple ball On Sun Apr 2 10:16:09 CDT 2001 All rights reserved.The Baby Bear for Tiffany and Tigger ( :SpringfieldMAUSA
Wrote : I enjoyed reading The CAT User's Manual. Every word of it is true!
purple ball On Thu Mar 30 17:10:05 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Katrina ( :IndependenceMissouriUSA
Wrote : This site is very awesome,very cute. I love the top 16 signs that your cat is fat! Keep up the fabulous work!!
purple ball On Thu Mar 30 02:48:58 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Kyla and Kirby ( :Canada
Wrote : Great page. Love the dog humour! Most of it is oh so true! Have you heard the one about the "Foot Rule" yet? That hit things right on the head! Best wishes and keep up the good work!
purple ball On Sat Mar 18 22:59:44 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Brenda Trimback ( :Va. Beach ,Va.U.S,A.
Wrote : Hi Nancee, I love your cat page and I have 2 cats. Their names are Cat and Kitty. They are both from the S.P.C.A.. Please send some mail to me. My address is:
purple ball On Wed Mar 15 19:40:33 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Elton ( :Los AngelesCAUSA
Wrote : Very nice site you have here. I would love to swap links with you.
purple ball On Mon Mar 13 07:23:46 CST 2001 All rights reserved.April Dedrick ( :
Wrote : Loved your page you have done a wonderful job will be back again no doubt. Hope you will also come see my page and sign my little book.
purple ball On Thu Mar 9 14:16:30 CST 2001 All rights reserved. Victoria Ablott (
Wrote : Very interesting site!
purple ball On Sun Feb 27 15:14:27 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Lisa ( Fairfield CA
Wrote : very interesting website! I especially liked the astrology for pets!
purple ball On Tue Feb 22 18:12:56 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Thomas Teal ( LakelandFLUSA
Wrote : When picking out a pet, keep in mind that to a dog, you're family; to a cat, you're staff. Ron Dentinger, Dodgeville, Wisc., Chronical from Reder's Digest March 2001 All rights reserved..
purple ball On Sun Feb 20 06:37:12 CST 2001 All rights Rowe Maineusa
Wrote : just got through reading your "definitions only parents understand" -- thanks for the laugh. it's so true.
purple ball On Sun Feb 6 16:51:08 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Lana ( AltoonaPA16602
Wrote : This is a very good page. If it's astrological can you help me?
purple ball On Mon Jan 31 16:54:22 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Nora ( NewarkNew YorkU.S.
Wrote : Those dogs are sooooooo CUTE! I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! This site is great too!
purple ball On Sun Jan 23 19:23:30 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Tammy E. Braddock ( ElginTexasUSA
Wrote : This is the first time I've visited this website and it is a great site. Keep up the good work.
purple ball On Tue Jan 18 15:57:52 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Sarah (
Wrote : This site was really great. Looks like you spent a lot of time on it.
purple ball On Sat Jan 15 23:31:57 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Eric & Diana ( KilleenTXUSA
Wrote : A friend of ours sent this to my husband and I, and we just wanted to tell you we love it. We were laughing so hard! And we feel for you and all the other parents out there. We have a two-year old ourselves and the effects are starting to show! Eric's hair is turning gray at 29 and I'm about ready for the looney bin at the tender age of 24. Thanks so much for the laugh, we needed it!
purple ball On Thu Jan 6 16:13:55 CST 2001 All rights reserved.Jane ( WasillaAKUSA
Wrote : Thank you
purple ball On Mon Dec 13 13:33:32 CST 1999Janet ( GlendaleAZU.S.
Wrote : Dogs are the best!!
purple ball On Sun Dec 5 15:39:24 CST 1999CANDY R. (RUGRATTOMMIE@GO.COM)
purple ball On Tue Nov 23 22:44:43 CST 1999Lisa Crowder ( MadisonvilleTX
Wrote : I enjoy your cat humor very much. I share it at the vet clinic I work at.
purple ball On Sun Nov 21 12:52:34 CST 1999Rani ( ParamariboSuriname
Wrote : I really enjoyed your humor pages. My compliments.
purple ball On Tue Nov 16 21:52:26 CST 1999Wanda ( MiamiFL
Wrote : Loved both the cat and dog pages, especially the Heaven story. I will have to load up on lots of paper since I plan to download these sights to my non computer co-workers! Keep up the good work !
purple ball On Fri Oct 29 09:17:40 CDT 1999Pinky Maggoo ClydeTexas(texas)U.S. of A
Wrote : The site is alright!!!
purple ball On Sun Oct 3 00:39:36 CDT 1999Kellie (
Wrote : I like this web site. It's a lot of fun. Hope I win one of the monthly drawings.
purple ball On Wed Sep 29 15:52:43 CDT 1999Jamie BarnesPinnacleNCAmerica
Wrote : I think that it is a blessing that we can find articles and things about who we are and what we are trying to find out. I think that this is a great page! Thanks, Jamie Barnes
purple ball On Tue Sep 28 05:45:58 CDT 1999maria (
Wrote : great site
purple ball On Wed Sep 15 21:00:04 CDT 1999Yvette Muller ( Zealand
Wrote : I think this website is really good. I like reading about mine and others starsigns.
purple ball On Mon Sep 13 16:50:58 CDT 1999Robyn Hill ( North HollywoodCAUSA
Wrote : I found your site looking for info on children's astrology for a 6th grade class discussion (friend is a teacher).
purple ball On Fri Sep 10 10:09:57 CDT 1999Larry Graves Ontario Canada
Wrote : Your site is excellent. Please check out my humor site which contains two stories on dogs (The Dog From Hell and Open Letter To My Dog) Thanks.
purple ball On Sun Aug 22 14:06:39 CDT 1999Dave Moss (Dave@brabourne.UK) Ashford Kent England
Wrote : I really enjoyed your dog/cat humour.
purple ball On Wed Aug 18 11:57:09 CDT 1999Linda ( Apple ValleyCAUSA
Wrote : Your cat jokes & poems are delightful!
purple ball On Mon Aug 9 14:19:40 CDT 1999SUE79183@AOL.COM (SUE79183@AOL.COM) RICHMONDVAUSA
purple ball On Tue Aug 3 16:41:09 CDT 1999Stuart the Maniac ( AustinTXUSA
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purple ball On Thu Jul 22 23:24:58 CDT 1999Julie ( ARUSA
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purple ball On Tue Jul 20 00:56:31 CDT 1999Erika Tovar ( LaredoTexas USA
Wrote : This web page is cool.
purple ball On Tue Jun 29 23:55:46 CDT 1999Heather ( MelbourneVicAustralia
Wrote : I absolutely loved your jokes. I love cats and am always on the lookout for non-nasty cat jokes.
purple ball On Wed Jun 16 07:40:01 CDT 1999Veronica Glidden (
Wrote : Great site.....
purple ball On Mon Jun 14 12:08:06 CDT 1999Jeannette and WT Sophie ( BellbrookOHUSA
Wrote : Fascinating site, Nancee!! This is the first time I've been able to visit and it is wonderful!! I will definitely have you do my chart and Sophie and Mark's some day! Thanks for the cool visit!! :0) Jeannette
purple ball On Thu Jun 3 15:01:49 CDT 1999Mary McGrath ( CityCAUSA
Wrote : Nice website! Great photo too! Cancer rising? Thanks again. We'll see you soon!
purple ball On Tue Jun 1 22:47:47 CDT 1999sage ( fallsar.usa
Wrote : enjoyed your site, very well put together.
purple ball On Sat May 29 11:54:18 CDT 1999 ( waterlooIowausa
Wrote : ok, I read your cat stuff. funny funny funny. love them!!! linked you to my page. check it out!
purple ball On Sat May 29 10:55:36 CDT 1999Kes ( Silver SpringsFloridaUnited States
Wrote : This is a really well done site, it's not only beautiful but very informative! Ill put it in my favorites! =) sincerely, impressed Pisces
purple ball On Fri May 28 07:08:55 CDT 1999Debby ( GreenlandNHUSA
Wrote : Hi Nancee, Just dropping you a note to thank you for the cute horoscopes! I love to see things from normal, positive people! Good job!
purple ball On Wed May 26 11:18:15 CDT 1999Surendra Kanakar ( QussaisDubaiUnited Arab Emirates
Wrote: Dear Sirs, I am new visitor to your site. I would like to know more about this and as such I signed in with you. Please send more details and information. Thanks and regards, Sincerely yours, S. Kanakar
purple ball On Tue May 25 19:10:22 CDT 1999Camille Bascom ( Brooklynnew Yorku.s.a
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purple ball On Sun May 16 14:16:56 CDT 1999Eileen ( pembrokemaus
Wrote: just thought id pop in and check out your web site, haven't finished yet but so far i really enjoy it, I'm sure ill be back

purple ball On Thu May 6 12:53:17 CDT 1999Tasha Maggard   DandridgeTNus
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purple ball On Wed Apr 28 11:52:41 CDT 1999Rhonda ( MontroseCOU.S.A.
Wrote: This is very interesting page
purple ball On Thu Mar 25 11:13:15 CST 1999 Jeannette ( BellbrookOH USA
Wrote: Nancee! This is a wonderful site!! What a great collections of some of the beautiful poems that we've shared on the W-List. Now I don't have to worry about searching for the printed copies I've made of them! I've saved your site in my "Favorites!" It's wonderful--thank you! Jeannette and WT Sophie (thanks for including MY name, Miss Nancee!!)
purple ball On Sun Feb 28 22:44:18 CST 1999 Steve(
Wrote: I enjoyed your site very much.
purple ball On Sun Feb 21 00:10:26 MST 1999 Leslie Samuelson ( LombardILUS
Wrote: First time at your site, I love articles. I would like to know details about Solar Returns vs Progressed birthdays, How to calculate a Solar Return. More details on nodes in all houses would have been extra nice. I will check back. Thank you.
purple ball On Wed Feb 17 09:07:24 MST 1999 jijy joseph ( MumbaimaharashtraIndia
Wrote: Please check me in and keep me updated on the above hotmail address
purple ball On Fri Feb 12 07:19:53 MST 1999SAI (MSSAIBLAZE) BROOKLYNNYUSA
purple ball On Mon Feb 8 11:25:33 MST 1999Monica Pendleton ( San LeandroCAUSA
Wrote: Your website is great. I will visit it again in the future.
purple ballOn Fri Feb 5 07:52:52 MST 1999Erin ( )MNUSA
Wrote: I think this is a great web page, I love all this astrology stuff!!!
purple ball On Thu Feb 4 08:22:06 MST 1999 Crystal K. Parsley ( HempsteadNYUSA
Wrote: Keep up the good work!
purple ball On Fri Jan 29 21:25:09 MST 1999Nancy Hitzemann ( FremontIndianaU.S.A.
Wrote: I visited your site for the first time tonight & sat here laughing out loud at the instructions on giving your cat a pill! My yellow Lab, Chamois, wondered what was wrong with me. My three cats, of course, couldn't have cared less.... What a pleasant way to end my day. Thanks for the humor!
purple ball On Tue Jan 26 00:19:50 MST 1999 Chris ( conifercoUSA
Wrote: nice site. You might want to check "Moyra's" site it has some great astrology .gifs and stuff. I own a blue heeler named moon, and I think he read the dog stories before I did, he seems to follow the rules pretty well, especially the one about "wiping the face on the couch" LOL