This report will tell you about your BASIC NEEDS, VALUES and VIEWS ABOUT LIFE. This chart reveals many secrets about our true selves.

You can learn how others see you. We all think we see ourselves as we are. Others see us very differently. We often think we know our real motives, but we have hidden motives that can more easily be revealed with this chart. Do you know your real abilities? Most of us do not. We try to become what others want us to be or try do to what will make us money. In fact, if we only would allow ourselves to become our true selves, doing what is easiest for us to we would be richer and happier than most people. Astrology gives us this gift of knowledge.

How are you romantically? Do you know your real moods, feelings and desires? How about your drives and ambitions? Also, it is helpful to know some of our difficult areas. We might want to avoid these areas, but knowing them gives us a chance to change them. Find out who you really are or could be with this natal report.

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