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For may people, their pets are their children. We just don't take any dog or cat into our home without careful consideration. How do you go about choosing a pet? Do you pick the cutest one, the quietest one, the largest one? Does this new pet get along with other pets or children? For most of us this is a personal decision.

Unless you are a breeder or have had many, many pets, there is always room to learn more about this pet you will be buying for yourself or your family. After you have done your research and decided what you want, there are still many things you will not know. All dogs, cats or other animals of the same breed are not alike. What if you do not even know what kind of breed it is?

Do you know if he will bark? Dig? Scratch? Will she like other animals or children? Will he run away? Is she going to be a big eater? There are so many various conditions to consider even within breeds.

To answer your questions try something new. Have your potential pet's chart astrologically read. For those of you who already have pets, you can find out what the next year will be for your pet.

For only $75.00 you can have a personalized phone reading about your pet with Nancee. All your questions will be answered personally. This is not a computer generated profile. Even if you do not know your pet's specific time, we can give you more information than you have now for your pet. Call (310) 391-5548 or email Nancee to set up an appointment. If you would like, Nancee will audio tape your reading and send it to you.

You and your family deserve to know all you can about your pet.

If you would like to have a complete pet profile, we also have those available for you. Again, you do not need to have the exact time of your pets birth to have an accurate reading.

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BooBoo Mollee Mickee
These are our three wonderful dogs.
With our newest addition
Boo-Boo the wired haired dog on the left.

Mickee Photo
Mickee: 12/31/94, Valinda, CA, 8:00 am on top of the world just like Leo the lion, the sign of his rising. He pushes Mollee off if she goes near his place. With his Moon also in Capricorn, he's doubly stubborn.
Mollee: 03/14/96, Costa Mesa, CA, 6:00 am, A Welsh Terrier, being a Pisces, she will dig all the water out of her water bowl. Then will lay in the water to cool off on
a hot summer's day. Being a double Pisces, rising also Pisces, she is very spacey. She loves everyone. She is continually licking everyone.
mollee photo

Mickee has a 10° Sun, like myself, and Mollee has a 14° Moon conjunct 3° Jupiter in Capricorn. So how much more of a perfect family can we be?

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Bill the Dogpaw icon to get a brief summary of the hidden meanings found within the letters of your animal's name.


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