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The FRIEND'S and LOVER'S REPORTS are for those people just meeting or who just want to know just how well they get along.

Do you want to know why the two of you are attracted?

Can love last forever?

What makes sparks fly between the two of you?

What happens behind closed doors?

Can you communicate? Do you share ideas, dreams, and hopes?
Will the friendship last?

Will you make better lovers or friends?

Can you trust this person?

Will argue, laugh, have much in common or will you just be bored with each other?

Will this be a long term friendship/love or short term?

What will the future hold for you?

People change when they are in a relationship. Are the changes good for you and your significant other? These reports give helpful information to improve your relationships. What couple could live without knowing?

There are two different reports. One for lovers and one for friends. The friends report is for all people connected who are not related and are not lovers. $19.95 (About 20 pages) 

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If you get two natal charts and one composite chart you will save 20%. Individually you would pay $53.85 but if you order together, the cost is only $42.95. What a terrific gift for you two!

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Shopping with us is 100% safe.
lock Guaranteed.    

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